Grantham Journal letter: A poem for Her Majesty, ‘The Queen at 90’

HM The Queen PNL-140616-093540001
HM The Queen PNL-140616-093540001
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The Queen’s familiar figure,

At many functions can be seen,

And lots of people watch her on their television screen.

She mostly wears her hat and gloves,

When moving around a town,

But when going out to dinner,

Wears a long dress and her crown.

She loves her dogs, the corgies,

And also horses too,

But especially her great-grandchildren,

Whatever they’re up to.

She always takes her handbag,

And is given many flowers.

Bouquets presented to her. When on duty for long hours.

You wouldn’t think she’s 90,

When looking at her face.

She truly has that special gift,

Of growing old with grace.

Enid Hewitt, Londontorpe