Grantham Journal letter: A poem, ‘In Praise of Poppies’

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I wish to thank Grantham people for their generosity during Poppy week.

I personally had such a good time on the Poppy stall and met many wonderful people with wonderful memories.

One small boy watch as his mother put several coins in the tin and said “that will buy a lot of ice creams for the soldiers.”

I do hope his innocence is never spoilt.

Thanks to all the people who manned the many stalls and to Grace Knightall who organised the sale of Poppies, but special thanks to all who gave.

Here is a poem: In Praise Of Poppies

A small and simple flower,

some folk call them weeds.

But it holds a secret history,

inside the tiny seeds.

It flowered on the battlefield,

and knew the death and pain.

Their seeds took root in soldiers’ blood.

their blooms a blood red stain.

It doesn’t have the beauty,

of a sweetly scented rose.

Or the elegance of a lily,

Yet everybody knows.

Just what this simple flower means,

it’s worn on many a heart.

A symbol of remembrance,

for the men who played their part.

So now in praise of Poppies,

as their blood red petals


Give thanks to those who fought for peace,

those men who gave their


Val Odell, Croft Drive, Grantham