Grantham Journal Letter: A Thatcher memorial brewery?

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Love her or hate her, let’s face it, everyone knows about Grantham because of Margaret Thatcher.

After all, she was the first female prime minister this country ever had.

And there is no doubt whatsoever that tourists from all over the world would flock to her home town if we gave her the same treatment that Nottingham does for Robin Hood or more recently, Leicester on behalf of Richard III.

I know the only similarity between them is their fame as opposed to their beliefs. But to heck with that and austerity! We should spend a bit to earn a bit and help Grantham to become as great as it wants to be.

Don’t pussyfoot around arguing about a once decapitated statue. Tuck its head underneath its arm if need be and put it on display. Maybe the novelty value will attract even more visitors and repay the outlay a hundredfold.

A major Maggie exhibition with interactive displays, town trails, ‘Rotten Borough Revisited’ events and other attractions would add the Wow factor. As would special showings of Meryl Streep’s hit film. In fact, why not invite the top star herself (Meryl, I mean) to open the whole affair.

We could have Carole Thatcher hosting a thoroughly intriguing, if disgusting TV reality show; a documentary on a search for Maggie’s long lost son Mark and even an extravaganza series of live ‘Spittin’ Image’ shows at the Guildhall Theatre using the original puppets.

Personal appearances of Maggie’s beloved Cabinet members, if they’re not too busy with their television shows.

And, of course, the reopening of her famous birthplace restaurant, The Premier. More food for thought.

Dare I suggest a Maggie Thatcher theme park?

Naturally the potential is endless and it might even be possible to squeeze in some history about Sir Isaac Newton, the father of science as we know it, or the man infamous as the worst ever Poet Laureate, another former Granthamian.

Come on, show us the true meaning of monetarism. Don’t just build new homes. Let’s have new hotels and everything else that goes with being a major tourist attraction. Perhaps even a Thatcher memorial brewery or do I go too far?

What do other local people think?

Where would all the money come from for such an ambitious project?

That’s easy! Private donations from all the millionaires who prospered due to the Thatcher Government policies and at our expense!

Peter Clawson

Welham Street,