Grantham Journal letter: Access to store needs redesigning

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The new Marks and Spencer in Grantham seems to be doing well. But the outside approaches are poor.

The pedestrian crossing for M&S on the access road, which leads up to Soapy Joe’s Car Wash, goes directly into a thicket of roadside planting. There is no pavement at all. Then, assuming you are still in one piece, the crossing outside the entrance to B&Q leads to the trolley park and no through footpath.

Whether you are coming from town itself or from the station, the pedestrian route is a poor quality thing, which says very clearly Grantham is not a walking town.

The public spaces approaching these stores need redesigning and sprucing up. We have lost our compact town centre due to the follies of an earlier planning regime. The least we can hope for is a decent public approach to the decentralised shopping we now enjoy.

A pedestrian crossing that ends in a hedge would be funny, if it wasn’t such a commentary on the public realm in Grantham.

Brynley Heaven