Grantham Journal letter: Adopt American school bus system

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Throughout Britain, in all towns and cities, there are traffic jams caused by cars going to and from work, both morning and afternoon, and also cars on school runs.

The combination of all these vehicles on the roads at the same time causes the traffic jams. This situation will not become less, but will gradually increase.

The American idea of school buses means that no cars can be used to take children to schools. Even most disabled children can be transported in specially designed buses. I think this could be an answer to the traffic snarl ups in Britain.

Within the schools’ catchment areas of each town and city, special school buses could collect and return all children to their designated pick up, and drop off, points. Even the teaching staff can go to their nearest pick up point, and join the bus. All the inner town/city estates will have designated collecting and returning points etc., to control children going to and from school. This means that, for example, 50 children will be on buses, and 50 cars will not be on school runs.

With teachers being on the buses, control of the children is effected, with roll calls ensuring parents and guardians receive their child. That should ensure strict control.

Perhaps the local councils could enhance current school bus journeys with their current bus operators, or commission new companies, to carry out the new school travelling scheme.

No doubt, this concept will attract criticism, but an answer to the ever increasing morning and afternoon traffic jams,and the dangerous dropping off at schools, must be proffered to everyone involved. The need for further expensive CCTV cameras at schools may not be required.

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