Grantham Journal letter: Adults cycling on pavements should not be tolerated

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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I read with interest your letter from ‘aggrieved cyclist’ (Journal, May 26, 2017).

I can’t be the only pedestrian totally bemused by the rules governing cyclists’ use of pavements!

Why, for example, do adults feel the need to ride their bikes along High Street pavements totally unsuited and undesignated for such use?

And then ride up behind you silently, swerving around to get by with no warning bell or hooter.

I’m sure there must have been several collisions, especially with the elderly and less nimble because of this – what’s wrong with these grown-ups that they can’t stick on a helmet and ride on the road, with the rest of our vehicular traffic?

Children riding on pavements should be tolerated, if only for safety reasons; adults should not, for the very same reasons!

Aggrieved pedestrian, Name and address supplied