Grantham Journal Letter: Amazed by negativity towards Magaret Thatcher

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It was with total amazement that I read that Charmaine Morgan is so negative regarding having a monument to recognise Margaret Thatcher.

As we have a business in Grantham, we know that anything connected to Margaret Thatcher brings tourists to our town as we are constantly being asked ‘where do we find the house that Mrs Thatcher was brought up in?’

Why can’t Charmaine Morgan be more open minded and embrace something that will bring tourists to our town?

It is quite apparent that she is putting her political views above the best interests of the town.

It really does not matter whether we like or approve of what Margaret Thatcher did or did not achieve if, having her commemorated by whatever means, it brings more tourists/revenue to our town. It has to be the good of all.

Please Mrs Morgan, put the town’s interests and economy before your own biased views.

To say ‘we are asking for trouble’ is judging us all by the standards of a few.

Please give the general public more credit, not everyone in society is looking for trouble.

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