Grantham Journal letter: Amazing generosity

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I’m a local singer and was performing at the White Lion pub recently. We had a blast and also raised money for the charity Grantham Disabled Children’s Society.

I rallied round and asked local businesses for a raffle prize and this is what we ended up with: Afternoon tea for two (Allington Manor), meal for two (Bombay Brasserie), free men’s haircut (Haas Brothers, Stefan Haas), men’s bedhead hair product (Menz Room), ukelele (Simon Morley); £20 and £10 gift voucher (One Tee Golf); £20 (Auk Hair), free set of nails (Nailed by Leanne), free spray tan (Karen Auckland), free makeover, including hair and make-up (Kelly Warner), drinks voucher (Oscar’s or Cappuccinos, Karen Middleton), wine (Rumour Grantham), chocolate and wine (Jacqueline Edgley), Easter egg and champagne (Luke Shiels), meal for two and bottle of wine (The Royal Queen), and more.

I was amazed at how generous the people of Grantham were, and this was in the space of a week when I’d asked for these prizes. People call Grantham as a town, but at times like this it goes to show that there is more to people and their generosity than people think and charity work in Grantham is of a high level.

On the night of the gig we drew the raffle and guests were very pleased with their prizes.

The founders of the charity, Matt and Kim, and Micky who helps with the charity, took time to count the money and we are pleased to announce we raised £300 and couldn’t be happier.

I would like to thank Sean Simpson, landlord of the White Lion, for allowing us to hold the raffle; it was a great evening had by all.

The money raised will go a long way for GDCS and will help a lot of children and their families.

Laura Church

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