Grantham Journal letter: Ambulatory care provides a better service to patients

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May I through your letters column comment on the article in last week’s Journal headed ‘Proposed changes to hospital’s emergency care are worrying’.

Coun Charmaine Morgan’s column speculates that there are changes that in her view contradict what is being done locally within the Shaping Health for Mid Kesteven Report which went out for consultation in 2012/13 and is still ongoing.

In the report’s introduction, it states that there is an exciting opportunity to make sure that Grantham Hospital has a bright and strong future and is central to the provision of healthcare services locally. This view is held by local GPs and has been confirmed by the chief executive Jane Lewington on a number of occasions.

In the Lincolnshire Health and Care Progress Report update, which was presented to the ULHT board in March 2015, it states that a ‘bespoke solution for Grantham Hospital’ is being considered. I believe Grantham residents deserve a hospital that is fit for purpose and with no further reduction of services. If the final outcome is anything other than this, I will be one of the first people to take my concerns to the Trust.

Coun Morgan mentions that she has received information that ambulatory care may be provided at Grantham Hospital. As a governor at Peterborough and Stamford Hospital, I have seen first hand that ambulatory care is a patient-focused service, where certain conditions can be treated without the need for an overnight stay in hospital, which reduces unnecessary hospital admissions. It is open seven days a week. The treatment received in ambulatory care would be the same as on a ward; this alleviates bed space and is cost effective, but most importantly gives the patient a better service. It works at Peterborough, which is a major hospital and I see no reason why it would not be a success at Grantham.

Coun Ray Wootten

County Councillor