Grantham Journal letter: ‘Bag and bin’ dog mess every time

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As a dog lover and owner of Petpals, a local business that specialises in looking after pets, I’d like to draw readers’ attention to the Big Scoop campaign recently launched by Keep Britain Tidy and celebrity Ben Fogle.

Ben’s research shows that for the first time in 10 years, there has been a rise in the amount of dog mess either left on the ground or bagged but not thrown away.

I always bag up after the animals in my care and often pick up and throw away discarded

‘poo’ bags left by others.

There’s nothing worse than stepping in dog mess or having to clean if off pushchair wheels.

Getting in to the habit of carrying a supply of bags with you whenever you walk your dog is easy to do and helps keep our parks and verges clean for everyone to enjoy.

We are one of the few counties that allows dogs to be walked off the lead in public areas - but if dog walkers don’t act more responsibly, we may find that this freedom could be taken away by future legislation introduced to combat the growing problem.

It’s just the minority of dog walkers that are giving us a bad name. Please join the Big Scoop campaign and always make sure you bag and bin every time.

Wendy Turner

Petpals, Grantham