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Grantham Journal letter: Be proud of this great lady

Margaret Thatcher (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) PPP-140822-175817001
Margaret Thatcher (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) PPP-140822-175817001

What is the matter with the folk of Grantham who are so anti-Margaret Thatcher! That person, not only famous for standing up for and protecting the sovereign rights of the Falklanders, also put Great Britain firmly back on the map!

For years, since WW11 our country has been ravaged by poor government to the extent that we became so small as to be insignificant. Along comes Margaret Thatcher and, although I certainly didn’t agree with all of her policies (like her, I’ve never been a ‘yes’ person), and she suddently instills some pride and purpose into this great little country of ours.

Margaret Thatcher also saved the country from the continuing rule of the unions. Today, even the unions are benefitting from a democratic policy. Can today’s protesters recall the ‘man’ at the TUC standing up and waving one card with a block vote of millions. Really, come on folk (my father-in-law was a miner).

So, of course she should behonoured in every conceivable way and the residents of today’s Grantham should have some backbone and be proud of her.

I don’t live in Grantham but am proud to say I was born there, so I have a birthright to my opinion of this great lady. I tease friends when the conversation comes up. I say “all the best people are born in Grantham.” Yes, a bit of fun but shucks, so true.


Ilkeston, Derbyshire

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