Grantham Journal letter: Benches?

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The new paddling pool at Wyndham Park looks really well thought out and good fun, but will there be litter bins and plenty of benches for tired mums inside the railings, really necessary when children don’t want to leave the water for ages?

I’m much more confused now as to what can be recycled than I was when the scheme started years ago and I have a strong feeling that less is allowed now than then.

Last week’s Journal carried an article which stated that although a variety of plastic and cardboard could be recycled, washing up bowls, toys and a ring binder (presumably all plastic, cardboard and metal), can’t, so how can we tell which items are allowed?
Although the circular guide is excellent for a tiny proportion of the items we discard, many others are indeterminate.

We had a really good recycling facility here which I was delighted to support and I’m troubled to find that a good deal of plastic is evidently still going to landfill, so I’m beginning to wonder what the point of it all is. My husband tells me that at the tip plastic flower pots can’t go into recycling - why not?

Jill Hopkinson

Ermine Street, Ancaster