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Grantham Journal letter: Boy Racers’ may not be insured

The ‘trying to sound like, look a bit like a high powered super car’ brigade of car drivers have a few things not going for them.

Insurance companies will get out of any claim they can with all the get out clauses in policies these days; these include modifications to exhaust systems, induction, trim, wheels and tyres, or in fact any non-standard parts fitted.

This may also, in many cases, make them uninsured and so not legal.

Many fitted items reduce the engine life and re-sale value of most of these cars – advancing ignition timing, chip fitting and the like, along with lowered suspension and low profile tyres all deter any re-sale possibilities as well as, again, require notification to insurance companies when fitted.

Perhaps when stopped by the few and far between police officers employed these days, other than speed detection, they could alert the insured companies of the equipment found on these cars with notification to the driver that this action will be taken.

Not being a complete kill joy, and being young once, why can we not use some of the many ex-runway/airfield sites around our county to let those wishing to follow this behaviour/hobby, parade/race/show-off, and in many cases give a positive slant on this aspect of motor mechanics to some really well worked body and mechanical work to be proud of?

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