Grantham Journal letter: Bring back our street lights

Street light EMN-161031-121941001 EMN-161031-121941001
Street light EMN-161031-121941001 EMN-161031-121941001
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I had cause to drive from Grantham to Manthorpe one evening last week – oh my, it reminded me of when I was a child during the war in the 1940s.

Saving money is a good practice by our council but this is ridiculous, it is unsafe for drivers, a danger for pedestrians especially the elderly, and as for cyclists it’s unsafe in daylight, but now it’s so bad at night the poor person on a bike needs to stay off this road

It cannot be necessary to keep this nonsense up, the council tax payers in this town now pay more than ever before, please rethink this latest stupid and dangerous practice and give us back our street lights.

Ken Wingad, Manthorpe