Grantham Journal letter: Businesses aided riders to take part

Foodbank cycle ride 2014.
Foodbank cycle ride 2014.
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I would like to thank Cyclesport and Halfords for helping service users of the Grantham Foyer participate in the local Bike 4 Food challenge the local foodbank held on June 21.

Grantham Foyer is a project for 16-25 year olds who are homeless or at risk of homelessness - some of our service users have had to use the Foodbank in the past and they wanted to give back into a charity that had once helped them.

Our young people live off the bare minimum and Grantham Foyer sometimes has to reach out for generous donations.

Halfords donated four cycle helmets for our service users participating in order to make the 20-mile ride safe.

On the morning of the bike ride, one of our service users came across and unexpected problem with his bike, his rear tyre was flat and after several attempts to pump it up it would not inflate.

In a last minute panic we went across the road to Cyclesport, who kindly donated a new tyre and fitted it for us, enabling the rider to take part.

Without the empathy and generosity of these two businesses, we would not have been able to take part in the bike ride.

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