Grantham Journal letter: Buying Persimmon home has become an ordeal

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With reference to last week’s article on the Persimmon housing plight.

I bought my house in Eyam Way little over two years ago and have had nothing but trouble with Persimmon since.

At first I thought I was being picky about the standard of finish to my house, but over time I realised it is sub-standard. I believe this to be a combination of shoddy workmanship and poor quality control.

I have sent numerous emails to the customer care team with varying results. Most of the time I have met with non-committal answers on some complaints and avoidance on others. They all end the same with them trying to do as little work to my house as possible and myself and my family left annoyed and worried.

My greatest concern has always been the subsidence in the garden, some eight to 10 inches in parts. The reply to our concerns was that a little movement was natural, and that was with no member of Persimmon even viewing the property.

Unhappy that nobody even came and looked, we went to NHBC with our fears after several emails and about a dozen photographs sent by ourselves they showed no interest and said the same as Persimmon.

All we wanted was some assurance that the ground beneath our house was sound. We have even been in touch with the council who, while pleasant, were of little help.

Living with an uneven and often sodden garden for two years I have had enough and will be having decking laid at no little expense to resolve the poor standard of the garden.

I eventually wrote to the managing director in Peterborough, stating my concerns and displeasure at the service I had received, and requesting a member of their company come to inspect the property. The reply was of a standard type stating that he felt the customer service team had covered all the problems, with no mention of the request for an on-site inspection.

We are still waiting for the plumber to arrive to address the leaking sink (third time it has leaked) and someone to address the ‘touching up’ of settlement. A new issue is the front door lock (that has been previously mended)!

Had I realised two years ago that purchasing my first home (at the age of 24) would be such an ordeal, I should certainly have thought twice. The sales team were extremely helpful, but it seems once I had taken posession the whole attitude change to one of complete indifference. In that time we have not only had to contend with a sub-standard property, but have had to live on a building site with all the inconvenience of noise, blocked road, dust and general apathy of many of the site members. Not to mention wear and tear on vehicles and numerous punctured tyres (another complaint that Persimmon have chosen to ignore).

I most certainly would never buy off Persimmon again and, if asked, warn people away from them.

We thank the Journal for taking an interest in our plight.

Nicholas Hardy

Eyam Way, Grantham