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Grantham Journal letter: By changing light sequences traffic would be lighter


I contact you once again regarding the traffic lights at the junction of London Road, Bridge End Road and Springfield Road, is there anyone else that holds the same view as me regarding the traffic lights sequence?

On several occasions I have approached them heading out of Grantham, the lights turn green you move a couple of car lengths forward only to be held up by cars wanting to turn right up Springfield Road because traffic is heading into Grantham from South Parade stopping them from doing so.

If they changed the light sequence and halted the South Parade traffic from coming through the South Parade lights at the same time as those trying to leave Grantham then the traffic would flow better because there would be nothing to stop traffic turning up Springfield road.

Can I ask the highways department to comment because in my opinion this would end the congestion on London Road for very little outlay.

Graham Kiely

Address supplied

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