Grantham Journal letter: Candidates are not credible

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I read with interest the roles and input from the lightweights who are pretending to be able to take on the job of police commissioners.

What a joke. None of the candidates have any relevant experience of actual police work and are relying heavily on their experiences as councillors, well used to talking the talk.

All of the candidates in their addresses make ridiculous promises that they know will not happen - introduction of more specials with powers of arrest (we want real policemen please); get the police out of the stations and be visible (we haven’t enough policemen); defend frontline services (with this government, not a chance). Elliot Fountain claims that he will reduce his wages by 50 per cent. He must earn too much now to be able to do this, and to say he will use this for teenagers to start businesses is an idea too silly for words. Alan Hardwick, as a journalist for most of his life, is probably well used to criticising the police, as our media seem hell bent on doing so at every opportunity. Last of all, does working for a charity (Mervyn Barrett) give you the experience required?

What we need is funding for more policemen and not more overpaid bureaucrats, who will not be respected by the Chief Constables. The phrase “teaching a grandmother to suck eggs” comes to mind. Whoever dreamt up this idea wants a boot up the backside. Leave policing to the men who can and forget about those who can’t, leaving them to waffle themselves around the council chambers.

Richard Johns

Edward Street, Grantham