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Grantham Journal letter: Care given to me by EMAS and Grantham Hospital was exemplary

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital

I am 66 years old with a history of cardiac problems. I have had a prosthetic aortic valve since 1996.

On Wednesday, February 28, I was suffering from acute chest pains. I called 999. A first responder, Sven, arrived at my house at approximately 11am and within 10 minutes of my call. He ran an ECG and did a quick blood test. He recommended I be taken to Grantham Hospital A&E. He called an ambulance which arrived after about 20 minutes.

On arrival at Grantham Hospital at about 12 noon, I had to wait for about 15 minutes for a cubicle to become available. As soon as one was free, I was wheeled in, closely followed by two members of staff who re-connected me immediately to an ECG, commenced the booking-in procedure and quickly took blood for testing. A member of the cardiac team soon came to examine me and recommended a chest X-ray which was carried out after about one hour.

Fortunately, all my results were clear and the chest pain was ascribed to a digestive issue rather than having a cardiac cause. I was discharged by the cardiac team member at about 3.30pm when all the test results were available.

I know that EMAS and Grantham Hospital do not have the best CQC ratings and that they often get a bad press. However, the care offered to me was exemplary. I was never made to feel that I was ‘just another case’. I think it is important that the good stories should be reported, not just the brickbats.

Everyone who looked after me was courteous, kind, quick, efficient and very professional. I would like to extend my thanks and compliments to all of you. Unfortunately I do not recall your names (my excuse is I was somewhat preoccupied at the time!) but you know who you are. I hope you get to read this message.

With heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

David Leigh

By email

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