Grantham Journal letter: Cat fatality hit so many people

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My family and I would like to personally thank the very kind lady who stopped and picked up our beloved family cat on the night of January 4, 2016, who was fatally hit by a car on Barrowby Road.

Our cat was not wearing a collar as she refused and no matter how many I bought her she always found a way to lose them, but she was microchipped and was taken to Avenue Vets.

I had a phone call this morning telling me our cat had died. The kind lady did not leave her name with the vets so if you are reading this or you know her, please contact me so I can personally thank you. You do not know how much your kindness means to us, knowing that you showed compassion and care to our cat. We as a family are devastated.

Now to the person who so callously hit our cat and drove off, let me tell you about our cat. Her name was Vadar. She was not just a cat, she was part of our family and our little boy is inconsolable.

We got her after my mum died and she was born on my mum’s birthday; our little boy always said she was a gift sent from heaven from his grandma. She was his best friend, she slept with him every night and followed him around, and she loved to play with him and his friends on the trampoline and whenever they played football.

So not only have you left our son devastated, there are other parents out there who are having to tell their children that Vadar has died.

How you can hit an animal and just drive off is absolutely disgusting! You are a poor excuse for ahuman being and despicable. You should hang your head in shame or if you have the courage contact me and apologise in person! Thank God for the lady who was driving behind you and saw you do it!

So if anyone else hits a cat or any other domestic animals, please do not just drive off, remember they are part of a family and are dearly loved. Accidents happen, yes, but do not leave them on the side of the road to die in agony and on their own. Would you like to die like that?

Thank you again to the kind lady and to Avenue Vets and also to Kirks Vets who are arranging Vadar’s cremation, I shall be picking her ashes up in the next week. Another trauma to go through.

Lesley, Jay & Thomas Hawkins

Barrowby Road,