Grantham Journal letter: CCTV will worsen car park problem

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It’s great that the bad parking outside the National Junior School is finally being addressed but it will also exacerbate the growing problem of people simply parking illegally in the Conservative Club car park.

There are many of us who pay £70 a year to have a pass for school days/times to park there and the numbers are increasing of people parking there without either a pass or a ticket.

It is very frustrating when we have prepaid for a pass to park there and can often not find a space because of all those who are parking there illegally, and the appearance of this van will certainly increase this happening.

I would call on the management of the Conservatice Club to clamp down on this behaviour.

It would only take one individual being there for half an hour at pick up times to check users have tickets, although there are also some who simply sit in their cars and wait for their children which means they can move if approached.

Ruth Boulton

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