Grantham Journal letter: Cinema trip ruined by this loss

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I visited the Reel Cinema in Grantham with my daughter on Saturday, November 29, for the 6.10pm showing in screen one of Paddington Bear.

While in the cinema I lost my mobile phone - a black iPhone4 - after sending a text while on the stairs before I went into screen one. I switched my phone onto silent because of the film, then returned to my seat on the right-hand side of the cinema looking at the screen.

After the film I searched in my bag for my phone to make a call and found that it wasn’t there.

We returned to screen one to look where we had sat and to see if I had dropped it. Unfortunately we or the staff who helped, weren’t able to find it.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised, to my horror, I had lost all the photographs taken recently on a trip with family and my cousin’s son, who was visiting from Florida; my daughter’s school assemblies, and, more recently, a celebratory trip with my daughter’s friends.

I would hope if anyone has picked it up that they would hand it back to the cinema or take it to the local police station.

Any information would be appreciated. Please call the cinema on 01476 570046 or Lincolnshire Police on 101 if you have any information.

Name and address supplied