Grantham Journal Letter: Civic leaders are failing the town

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This year is the 550th anniversary of Grantham being granted its Charter. The year is almost three quarters of the way through yet I have seen nothing to indicate that South Kesteven District Council has marked this historic milestone.

It begs two questions: Do the Grantham councillors actually know the significance of this date, and how can townspeople be expected to have civic pride when the civic leaders demonstrate so little?

To illustrate the niggardly attitude of authority to this town, the parking restriction (8am to 6pm) along Castlegate, in front of the National School, has been extended to include Saturday and Sunday. Who are the people most affected? Those who attend St Wulfram’s Church.

Last Saturday, when the church was holding an Open Doors day to welcome the community of the town inside, what was happening outside? A warden was plonking parking tickets on car windscreens.

Delia Hearmon

Manthorpe Road