Grantham Journal letter: Civic pride is needed for a cleaner town

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In response to Joan McDaniel’s letter (July 11) saying the public should also strive to keep our streets clean, I agree with her wholeheartedly.

I walk my dogs around Gonerby Road and have seen litter dropped everywhere and dogs mess just left on the grass verges and sometimes on the pavement.

There was a fruit bottle left inches from the litter bin because someone just couldn’t be bothered to put it into the bin.

A resident in one of the bungalows on Gonerby Road has left two sticks with a bag over the sticks where dog mess has been left, with a sign asking people to pick up after their dogs.

I feel children should be told to take their litter home if they are out playing in the road and have had a bag of crisps or sweets with wrapping.

At the moment there is an ongoing problem with litter on Norton Street and Walton Gardens, we have had to get the council to fetch a fridge that was left on the pavement, also shopping trolleys just dumped anywhere, as people cannot be bothered to take them back to the supermarket.

Being a councillor on South Kesteven District Council the residents contact me with these problems and the council officers get the job done of collecting this litter when it is reported to us. But people do need to realise that they need to be aware that they are causing a nuisance for their neighbours and the general public.

We all want to live in a clean and tidy environment, if people thought about civic pride this is achievable.

So please do not drop litter and clean up after your dogs.

Do not just put up with this problem, let the council know if there are problems in your area, or get in touch with your ward councillor.

Coun Jean Taylor

St John’s Ward