Grantham Journal letter: Concerns over plan for Tesco Express

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I am very concerned about Tesco’s plan to change the former Cherry Tree pub into a new Tesco Express store.

I have discussed this issue with Coun Ian Selby and other local councillors. I feel it is completely undemocratic that this proposal affecting my electoral ward is not going to go before the Development Control Committee to be decided.

How can a supermarket be classed as the same use as a pub and therefore not require planning permission? We’re not just talking about a new shop front here, because there are a whole range of other important issues impacting on a residential area that must be considered. The closure of the Cherry Tree pub (with children’s play area), is an irreplaceable loss of leisure amenity for local families.

The proposed new Tesco store could impact on the economic viability of the nearby Co-operative store, Post Office and the shops on New Beacon Road, potentially resulting in loss of jobs. Light pollution will be generated by illuminated signage and noise pollution generated from delivery vehicles, refrigeration units and extractor fans. Increased anti-social behaviour may be generated by the presence of an additional retail outlet in a residential area with a licence to sell alcohol. The proposal will generate increased traffic and there are already problems at the junction with Harrowby Lane and Princess Drive. Significantly, it will attract additional HGVs, impacting on Grantham Youth Centre, Harrowby Infants Primary School, Belton Lane Primary School and all homes in this area. All of these combined factors constitute a cumulative detrimental impact, which is why I have requested that this application is decided by the Development Control Committee. The proposed Tesco Express store would also require a licence to sell alcohol; residents’ objections must be put to the council in writing, in order for it to be decided by the Licensing Committee. I would welcome residents’ views about the proposed Tesco Express, contact me on 07892 723645 or e-mail me at

Coun Mark Ashberry

Harrowby Ward