Grantham Journal letter: Confused by anti-war stance

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The interesting anti-war diatribe by John Andrews last week still leaves me a little confused as to whether he is a pacifist, conspiracy theorist or armchair lawyer; possibly a combination of all three.

His argument about the legality of ‘war’ is as specious as the legality of terrorism.

Judges and juries usually decide if a law has been broken and these laws are sanctioned democratically by individual or groups of nations, ie. the UN. This system usually works with civilised democratic nations all agreeing on a compromise or consensus.However, the forces of evil that drive most terrorism, whether they be idealistic cults, religous or political extremism, are a law unto themselves.

The question I have for Mr Andrews is: “Does religious dogma or ‘law’ overide a democratically agreed law ?” As I hope he can therefore see the argument about the legitimacy of war is a mere distraction and incidental to the survival of our civilised world and Christian humanity.

Rod Hatherill,

Lodge Way,