Grantham Journal letter: Control dogs and clean up!

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My friend and I walk our dogs sometimes in Londonthorpe Wood, opposite the car park.

On Saturday, about 4pm, as we approached the gate to leave, we were faced with two black dogs, a large labrador and a spaniel. They proceeded to empty their bowels and ran back. (We always carry poo bags and clean up after our animals).

We went to turn the corner and were faced again by the labrador, its hackles up ... still no owner! My friend shouted loudly could someone please get their dog!

Then in the distance we saw a man. He shouted and whistled and the dog ran off! He had three dogs we think but was walking with two crutches! Not only did he totally ignore the fact that his dogs needed cleaning up after, but if his dog had decided to attack us, he could have done nothing about it.

People who do not pick up poo make it look bad for all of us that do! If they have dogs, they should act responsibly when they are out.

This man knows who he is.

Name and address supplied