Grantham Journal letter: Control is unachievable

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After reading MP Nick Boles’ recent Journal comments on immigration, many might agree that in terms of health services and agriculture we have benefited from talented and hard-working immigrants.

However, Nick also notes that several Commonwealth countries have a ‘points system’ to control numbers and ensure that immigrants do make a positive contribution to their adoptive countries, but then he says that we couldn’t do this as it would contravene the Treaty of Rome. So his opening postulate (‘we need to bring immigration ... under control’) is, by his own admission, unachievable. Sadly, the “ideological fixations of Europe’s founding fathers” extend way beyond immigration issues: Consider Value Added Tax - the most notoriously complicated way of raising money for the public purse ever devised - now sucking in £100 billion a year at enormous cost to businesses and, of course, to consumers.

The European Court has repeatedly ridden roughshod over the will of our own Parliament - creating huge, unnecessary legal costs to British tax-payers. What about the flawed concept of the single currency - trying to squeeze completely divergent economies into one single monetary policy? Fortunately we stayed out of that implausible imbroglio. But now, because the UK’s austerity programme is generating impressive economic growth, Brussels is arbitrarily demanding an extra £1.7 billion levy from us to fund the profligate incompetence of some of the basket-cases in the Eurozone.

UKIP is currently attracting enormous popular support; the Conservative party is currently making pseudo-Eurosceptic noises. Coincidence?

Brian Bruce