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Grantham Journal letter: Corbyn would not make a good PM

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

I was speaking to a ‘Corbynista’ friend of mine recently, who also happens to be a graduate and member of ‘Momentum’, and he almost convinced me that their ‘it’s not fair’ policy nearly won the recent election for them.

Using social media, Momentum’s electioneering campaign targeted the 18-30 student vote which highlighted student fees, job prospects and affordable housing; easy things to promise with vague uncosted financial policies. The vast ‘Red Book’ of Labour’s other secret agenda was glossed over with questions unanswered.

My friend sincerely thought Mr Corbyn would make a good PM and convert everybody to hard left Marxism.

I asked him if tax and spend policies would further enhance their position on the political moral high ground and people would ignore Corbyn’s past appeasement and collaboration with Britain’s enemies. Answer: there was none.

I think single issue pressure groups, like the Green Party and Momentum, can win referendums but should not be listened to regarding complex general election topics affecting most of the adult population.

Rod Hatherill

Lodge Way, Grantham

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