Grantham Journal letter: Council plan is unsound

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In 1989 South Kesteven District Council gave planning permission for the development of Poplar Farm, now known as the North-West Quadrant.

Part of that original permission was to build a relief road between Barrowby Road and Gonerby Hill Foot, 24 years later the road still has not been constructed.

In 2012 the landowners of the North-West Quadrant agreed terms with SKDC on the next phase of housing on their site and there is still no intention to construct the relief road during this phase. At the now much-talked about GAAP, SKDC presented figures showing 50 houses to be built in 2012 on this site, not a single one was built!

SKDC now expects the same landowner of the North-West Quadrant to build an East-West bypass on the Southern Quadrant, while building houses on both sites, in line with SKDC plans for the delivery of houses in Grantham!

And what happens to the repayment of the estimated loan of £30 million from Lincolnshire County Council to build the East-West bypass when houses aren’t delivered, will LCC then seek an increase in SKDC council tax to recover its money?

SKDC are relying on the two large developments to deliver their housing numbers. The North-West Quadrant may start to deliver on the short term, but the Southern Quadrant will only start to deliver a significant number of houses once the bypass construction is complete, which is estimated to be at least three years away.

The inspector found the GAAP unsound for good reason, SKDC claim this puts their plans back one step, and they are “cracking on” regardless...or are they just burying their heads in the sand? SKDC claimed in last week’s Journal that the “Government were trying to keep pace with SKDC”, dream on, your plans are not compliant with national policy and that is why the GAAP failed at the inquiry!

Grantham resident

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