Grantham Journal letter: Councillor’s actions must be praised

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Unlike Conservative Coun Adam Stoke’s comments in last week’s Journal, I am only too delighted that I and my fellow residents have a champion, namely Coun Charmaine Morgan, who is prepared to stand up for our interests.

I live directly opposite the site, unlike Coun Stokes and Stuart Allan (Journal, November 7), his near neighbour and I suspect party sympathiser or even colleague, who live some distance away from the Southern Quadrant development.

If it wasn’t for Coun Morgan arranging a meeting at Witham Place recently, we local residents of St Anne’s Ward would have been denied a voice about this massive development in our own backyard.

Just like the fable of The Emperor’s Clothes, don’t be fooled by the vision of the golden thread winding its way down to connect with the A1 bypass.

In my discussions with Coun Morgan she has always promoted the concept of the much-needed bypass.

Like me she is fearful of there being a 3,000 plus development with a ‘relief’ road that only goes from Somerby Hill to Spittlegate Level, thus giving Grantham no relief at all.

The very least that should be agreed by the development control committee, is that any consent be conditional. The condition required is that after the first tranche of approximately 300 houses, there will be no further development without signed contracts and funds being deposited to ensure that the relief road will indeed link up with the A1 bypass. It is relatively easy to pass planning consent but that does not make it happen. There are, of course, several other details and questions about this proposal but I would hope that with goodwill on all sides, we can achieve something really good that Grantham can be proud of.

Between now and May 7 next year, all politicians will be doing their upmost to persuade us to vote fo rthem and their party. However, I trust that in the future, we will only see constructive criticism without the bad press, personal attacks and disparaging comments that have so far been made against Coun Morgan. May she long continue to carry on the excellent job she is doing.

Joe White

Bridge End Grove, Grantham