Grantham Journal letter: Councillor’s ‘resignation’ accepted by association

Coun Jean Taylor and Coun Mike Taylor.
Coun Jean Taylor and Coun Mike Taylor.
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I have today received a letter from Richard Davies, the chairman of Grantham and Stamford Conservative Association.

It states that, as I had spoken to the Grantham Journal some two weeks ago about the selection process that had taken place, Mike and I had lost our seats for next year’s local election, and I had said I would now have to stand as an Independent, but never said when this would happen. He has said that he accepts this as my resignation from the party.

I always thought that to resign meant to put it in writing to the relevant person concerned, that you resign with immediate effect or you wish to terminate your position at a certain date. Obviously he interprets resignation in a different way to how other people interpret it.

On September 11 Mike and I were summoned to attend a selection process at Grantham museum. It was quite apparent when we arrived that certain members of the branch committee, who we had a disagreement with two years ago, had sufficient numbers to ensure we were not elected.

One new candidate who had requested to stand on three wards and the other new candidate asked for two wards, were selected for every ward they had applied for, which left Mike and I with no seat. It was a complete farce.

It would appear that the only wards contested in the whole of SKDC were the wards Mike and I represented.

It would also appear that the rules regarding re-selection had been interpreted once again wrongly, as four other district councils in Lincolnshire have said the minor changes to the boundary borders have not affected their sitting councillors who wish to stand next year, so why should Coun Davies’ statement that there are no sitting councillors only apply to SKDC Conservative councillors?

An area meeting was convened and Coun Davies informed all selected councillors who had not had their seat contested were not required to attend. Councillors who are branch representatives have a vote, so one may wonder why this statement was made?

The selection again was a farce as the association officers completely ignored the 
directive from Central office regarding selection at stage two and three.

I have nothing against fresh blood and youth but sometimes wisdom, experience and compassion counts for a lot and once lost cannot be recouped.

Even though I have been forced to leave the Conservative Party and stand as an Independent, I will always keep my Conservative values in everything I do.

Having been voted in as a Conservative councillor but now having to go Independent, I can assure you that I will always work hard to ensure your best interests are carried out at the council, and should you have any problems I am here for you all.

Lastly, I would like to thank my council colleagues who have contacted me and members of the public, for their kind words and support.

Also thanks to councillors Ray and Linda Wootten for their friendship and loyalty towards me. They are always there when I need a friendly chat.

Coun Jean Taylor

St John’s Ward