Grantham Journal Letter: Councillors should try driving across Grantham

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Reading as I do the Journal every week, you can have a chuckle over some of our letters, MP’s and councillors’ comments and subject matter.

At times you can even have a good laugh at our councillors’ and MP’s comments, but Coun Davies took it to a higher level in last week’s copy.

He is now being billed as having responsibility for our highways. Last year he was the Tory candidate for police commissioner (it just goes to show, miss out on one job and not to worry, we will find you something else, you just bluff along as we all do).

His aim in the final paragraph was to have our bypass started in three years.

Has anyone told him that same bypass was promised to be up and running by 2013/14 by the same current head of Lincolnshire County Council, Martin Hill, many years back in a council newsletter?

Has anyone told him that the people of Grantham have been promised a bypass almost as long ago as his age, by successive Tory MPs and councillors!

One of the few things Boles got right was he never promised us anything, which has turned out about right!

The present chaos in Grantham is apparent to any driver trying to get from A to B. I would ask all these so-called planners and councillors to spend half a day in a car driving from east to west and then north to south on any day through our town, just to witness the carnage and cost they have created.

I would also ask all Grantham councillors to stop bending over backwards to please Lincolnshire County Council and fight to keep this town alive, presently it seems the opposite.

Stuart Allan

By e-mail