Grantham Journal letter: Criticism is undeserved

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Why is it that a small percentage of the public are so anti-PCSOs when they are a fantastic part of the policing service?

I know a few PCSOs and they work hard integrating with communities and tackling anti-social behaviour, when before officers were too busy with other issues.

They play a different role and I’m sure if they wanted to become response officers they would. They are normal people doing a job, why insult them?

The trouble with the public is they are never happy. Some of the worst are ex-police officers who are old school and don’t move with the times.

Today’s policing is split up with response officers and neighbourhood policing and they all work as a team to serve us, the public.

If we didn’t have PCSOs then the public would complain that officers are not responding to them! Don’t we want them out there dealing with major issues?

The police are grateful surely, for the work the PCSOs do and the support they give them.

Name witheld by request