Grantham Journal letter: Criticism is undeserved

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Following his anti-farmer rant in the Journal last week, I have been thinking how best we might cheer up your Community columnist Peter Clawson.

I have the great privilege of working with farmers across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands and can say they are among the most uncomplaining people I have met. Of course a world record harvest brings low prices but all accept that along with the weather it is part of the farming package.

My suggestion to Mr Clawson would be to switch off his social media and spend a day out in the Grantham countryside with some real farmers. His faith would be restored.

By the way, thanks to the current retailer wars, he can buy four pints of milk for well under £1, so I would urge him to take the chance to liberally pour some on his cereal along with a sprinkle of sugar, all of which are produced courtesy of Lincolnshire farmers.

Richard Hezlet

Reg. Director, East Mids NFU