Grantham Journal letter: Cutbacks to grass and hedge cutting utter madness

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Richard Davies has announced that they are reducing the number of times the hedges and side of the roads in the rural areas will be cut, to save money this year.

I think that Richard Davies is being absolutely ridiculous.

He obviously hasn’t spent night after night, taking his life in his own hands having to pull out of these junctions for weeks on end.

It terrifies myself and my children every time we pull out, as you literally cannot see a thing on these junctions.

You cannot see cars coming in either direction and pull out just praying that there is nothing coming. This can go on for weeks and can make me actually dread my journey home.

I think it is utter madness to say that you are going to leave these for a longer period, meaning it would get even worse.

I think Richard Davies is being idiotic. I will be complaining to the highways department about this, be assured. There will be more accidents and the NHS will pay for it. That is the DWINDLING NHS service.

And thanks to the conservatives that Richard Davies represents, if we do have an accident after 6pm, we won’t have a hospital to go too, as the A&E will be closed.

Marie Anne Hall, By Facebook