Grantham Journal letter: Decision is more likely due to Tory policy

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Am I truthfully led to believe that our beloved district council decided not to increase our council tax after a survey of 107 people, of which 55 replied that they did not want an increase in the council tax.

If I believe this, I would be concerned for our district council as it is saying that it would make any decision on the majority of three, as 52 voted for an increase in the council tax. I hope that this does not mean a decrease in services by the council, as it takes long enough now to get anything done.

Why not cut back on the bill of over £606,000 so far this financial year on agency staff.

Also, it was interesting to read that council tenant rents are going up by 3.65 per cent in line with government guidelines (no survey done on this increase). Wasn’t it really the same reason that the council decided not to put the council tax up, as it is a Conservative-led council and it is their policy not to increase council tax.

David Fowler

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