Grantham Journal letter: Developer should listen to residents

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Reading your ‘Wires across town streets’ article last week, it now explains why mysterious wires have been placed across the road outside our properties in Manthorpe village.

I wonder why the council omitted to inform us this would be happening? Now we know of the Larkfleet involvement, we can guess. For the council to fob us off with noise and air quality investigations, it insults our intelligence.

Those of us living in the area know the real reason is to present traffic flow figures in a confusing way. Obviously the developer has some pull in the right places. You wonder what, or who, is behind this company and its proposals.

Just talk to anyone living in the area, they will tell you that Manthorpe Road is congested for up to four hours daily. As for the environment, anything from flooding to wildlife erosion could worsen if ever this proposal goes ahead.

For goodness sake leave well alone and get on with the much wanted Grantham bypass, which everyone wants and approves.

K. C. Wingad