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Grantham Journal letter: Developer should realise wretched houses are not wanted or needed

Up to 480 homes could be built on this site at Manthorpe.
Up to 480 homes could be built on this site at Manthorpe.

Despite the fact that their ill-conceived proposals to build a large housing estate at Manthorpe were comprehensively rejected by the South Kesteven District Council’s development control committee, it nevertheless appears that Larkfleet & Co are to appeal their decision.

Less thick skinned individuals would have realised by now that neither they nor their wretched plans are either wanted or needed.

In their recent statement to the Journal, Larkfleet make a vain and unsuccessful attempt to portray themselves aslocal benefactors, one whose primary ‘raison d’etres’ is to build a wildlife sanctuary at Manthorpe.

Rather than share this area of land with 480 houses, roads and vehicles I suspect ‘the wildlife’ would prefer for the farmland/green belt to remain unmolested except for the addition of sufficient trees and hedgerows to replace those already needlessly destroyed by Larkfleet !

There are already sufficient large housing developments either being built in Grantham or in the pipeline to be built in the near future.

Surely we should instead be exploring the possibility of enhancing/invigorating some of the outlying villages in South Lincolnshire with far smaller builds, averaging say 10/15 houses with priority to build directed at the smaller, local building firms who have an affinity with the area and an empathy with the views of the existing residents?

M. MacGregor

By email

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