Grantham Journal letter: Disappointed

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On Saturday, November 15 a concert was held in St John’s Church commemorating World War One.

The same evening Grantham Choral Society held their autumn concert in ChristChurch, Finkin Street. The date for the latter had been arranged for almost a year, so it seems a great shame that both events clashed.

Several choir members wanted to sing at both events and quite a few intending members of the audience had to decide which to support, when they would have liked to attend both.

I understand that Coun Charmaine Morgan, who organised the St John’s concert in October, was informed of this clash and was asked to consider moving the date or time of it.

She refused to do this and so deprived many people of the opportunity to enjoy both events.

Well done to her!

Cara White

Denton Avenue, Grantham