Grantham Journal Letter: Disappointed in Nick Boles’ lack of support

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I was disappointed to read Nick Boles’ column (Journal, February 8), about Grantham Hospital.

The Shaping Health document does indeed talk about keeping some sort of Accident and Emergency Unit at Grantham Hospital. However, that is not much use if they do not actually treat you if you need surgery. It is no good being told: “That’s a broken leg you’ve got. You will have to go to Lincoln to get it fixed.” That is not what I expect from an Accident and Emergency Unit.

I was also alarmed to see Mr Boles apparently supporting the proposed cuts to the Maternity Unit. Yes, there are problems with a midwife-led unit, which is why we support a consultant-led unit. Many of us had hoped that, as MP for Grantham, Mr Boles would support having such a unit in Grantham.

The Shaping Health document is misleading. For example, it does not specifically state that the Midwifery Unit is closing.

Having spoken to rather a lot of Grantham mothers recently, while collecting petition signatures, I can assure Mr Boles that most want(ed) to have their babies in Grantham.

I hope that, on reflection, Mr Boles changes his mind. I am therefore sending him a copy of this letter, with a copy of our petition. This calls for: 1. The return of a fully operational A&E Unit, with only exceptional cases being transferred. 2. A consultant-led team to return to our Midwifery Unit. 3. The provision of an Acute Stroke Unit. 4. Return patient and carer transport should be provided where it is necessary to transfer patients. I do hope Mr Boles signs it.

On a more general point, we are collecting the last petition forms this weekend. Thank you to all those who have already signed it so far.

If you have not got your petition forms back to us yet, please do. If you have not signed it yet, please do.

We shall be collecting signatures in Grantham Market tomorrow (Saturday) or you can contact us on 01476 574748.

John Morgan

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