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Grantham Journal letter: Disgraceful ‘Antis’

Violence as National Front and Unite Against Fascism members collide.
Violence as National Front and Unite Against Fascism members collide.

I was enjoying breakfast in the Tollemache Inn, Grantham, on Saturday, August 19 at around noon, when the so called ‘Anti-fascists’ arrived outside the window, where I was sitting.

They were comprised of about 60 or so threatening looking individuals, some abusive and violent, some wearing sinister black masks, a couple of whom were probably females (PCS members according to their garb), shouting threats and insults through loud speakers at the few people inside, and one man carried a banner bearing such obscenities as “F*** the NF”, “F*** Trump”, etc.

Why some of them were not arrested under the Public Order Act for threatening and abusive behaviour liable to cause harassment, alarm and distress, is a mystery.

I later discovered that a few of the people in the pub were there for a National Front march in the town, and were it not for the police outside, the ‘Antis’ would certainly have gone on to physically assault all within.

Unlike the Charlottesville situation, the violence (or in this case at least, the potential for violence) was not due to ‘many sides’, as President Trump might have said, but solely down to the ‘Antis’, something not made clear in a Journal letter from Lib Dem activist Anita Day.

Her disgraceful attempt to link the attack on the Wyndham Park garden to “...the same people who are drawn to alt-right groups” is a typical failed liberal response.

Dr S. H. Russell


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