Grantham Journal letter: District council is the planning authority, the county council is not

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The arguments for and against the development of wind farms are well known and it is not my intention to take up valuable space by repeating them here.

However, I would like to make brief comment on a letter published last week from County Coun Colin Davie.

It is particularly unhelpful for him to suggest that I have decided that fighting to protect the countryside of South Kesteven is beyond my ability and that I will only stand up to government on this issue if my officers will allow me to.

Both attacks are completely without substance and are not worthy of further explanation.

However, for the sake of clarity, I would point out that the district council is the planning authority and the county council is not.

This means that the county council is able to make broad comments about wind farms without having any decision making responsibility but we have a legal responsibility to measure every application on its merits and arrive at a balanced decision.

I can assure all residents of South Kesteven that this council will continue to deal with all applications in a professional manner.

Coun Linda Neal