Grantham Journal letter: Do not rush to adopt this system

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Wiltshire moved over to a unitary authority system five years ago and problems are still occurring following the change over.

As with Grantham, Salisbury then was in charge of its own destiny and had Charter Trustees.

Salisbury, an old and venerable city, is now run by a form of parish council. We do not have planning and housing committees any more, it is all done miles away in Trowbridge, as are all major decisions.

In Grantham’s case all major changes will move to Lincoln and representatives will have to make their way there from Stamford, Grantham, Boston and Sleaford for main meetings, summer or winter.

We do not even have a county chief executive any more but a group of executive officers and an elected council leader.

You will get plenty of information as to the benefits of being a unitary council, but little of the possible drawbacks or possible snags involved. We lost the control over our market and guildhall squares via this exercise. So think carefully before going down this road.

Remember, there is no turning back if you make the move. Perhaps asking Wiltshire political parties how they now feel after the move might be a good idea or some other unitary body.

The old carpenters’ saying of measure twice, cut once, should apply.

Colin Duller

Former Salisbury District Councillor

West Harnham, Salisbury