Grantham Journal letter: Don’t forget about pedestrians

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I see that that Grantham Area Committee is considering the question of parking in the town.

This strikes me as ironic because, even if the parking of cars were to be free, the occupants face further discouragement when they become pedestrians and shoppers in the town centre.

Probably Grantham’s regular shoppers have become inured to the situation, but as a visitor to the town this summer I was frustrated by the way in which pedestrians are treated when they try to cross the roads.

There is a whole line of empty shops on one side of the main street; the fact that it’s difficult to cross the road easily cannot help this situation. Cars are given precedence. All the crossings with lights give too long a time to cars; pedestrians have to wait too long.

Why not slow cars down and speed shoppers up on shopping streets?

Perhaps there is a lack of clarity over whether those streets that are lined with shops are meant to be mainly for cars, or mainly for shoppers? If it were decided that these streets are primarily for shoppers then various measures (examples abound in other towns) could be taken in Grantham. While this was happening, consideration could also be given to the ‘shrinking high street’ phenomenon, and Grantham could determine policies and plans that would help to ‘future-proof’ its shopping facilities.

Teresa Crompton

United Arab Emirates