Grantham Journal letter: Downtown is the best option

Downtown Grantham Designer Outlet proposal
Downtown Grantham Designer Outlet proposal
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I was delighted to hear of the very exciting news of the designer village.

It is the best thing that could happen to our dear little town and Downtown, which already attracts coaches, is the best situated to do it.

When it is built, never to miss a trick, coach companies can run trips to the designer village and then on to visit Mrs Thatcher’s home town and school, followed by afternoon tea somewhere.

For those in Grantham, daily busses can be run for those without transport. It’s a win-win situation providing lots of jobs for all, a real focus of interest.

Of course there will be detractors; I well remember the doubters worried that the Morrisons centre would herald the end for Grantham.

One only has to look at the High Street to realise that the powers that be haven’t done our town many favours so let’s all get behind Downtown and support OUR future.

Lyn Willison, By email