Grantham Journal letter: Dr Patel’s family ‘Your words have brought comfort’

Dr Mukesh Patel.
Dr Mukesh Patel.
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I would like to acknowledge all the thoughtful, caring and above all sincere words written about my late husband Dr Mukesh Patel.

We want to say a huge thank you, because it has brought tremendous comfort to us as a family to know that Mukesh touched so many lives in such a positive and memorable way over the last 31 years.

Your comments such as “Mukesh was incredibly kind, devoted, calm, thorough and gentle, always polite, good friend and great help at worrying times” are deeply appreciated. We will treasure the cards and condolences book. Patients meant so much to Mukesh, always wanting the best for you and to do his best by you. He succeeded in his quest just as you, one and all, have succeeded in honoring Mukesh with your kind words.

Finally, on behalf of The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, who cared for Mukesh with diligence and dedication, we would like to acknowledge how very generous people have been with their donations. Thank you very much.

Kamini, Sachin and Serena