Grantham Journal letter: Drivel adopted by county council

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Reader's letter
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I read with interest the letter published in the Journal (September 8, 2017) from W. Banks of Allington, as I too have read the meaningless drivel considered and adopted by Lincolnshire county councillors regarding the monitoring and maintenance of county roads and pavements (contained in the various Highways Management Plans, HAMP, etc).

I too have complained about the fact that these plans are self-evidently ignored, despite the obviously high cost of their formulation and production and, after complaining to Councillor Richard Davies about incompetent traffic management throughout Grantham, I too have been told (by him) that he will neither read nor respond to my future emails.

I wonder how many other local residents have also been blacklisted by Coun Davies who, after all, is allegedly responsible and paid for the management of Lincolnshire’s roads.

Paul Wright, Willoughby Gardens, Grantham