Grantham Journal letter: Drivers are ignoring rule

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Does anybody in Grantham follow the Highway Code regulation that you do not park on double yellow lines at any time - especially in a restricted and busy High Street?

I was trying to drive through Grantham High Street just before midday on Saturday, but couldn’t get through as buses and trucks in front were held up by the idiots who had parked on the double yellow lines.

When we did get through, my passenger counted three vehicles parked illegally on the east side of the High Street and 13 parked illegally on the west side of High Street. Where are the traffic wardens or police who could move these people on or fine them?

Have we reached the point where anything goes and we all park half on the pavement, then put our hazard warning lights on to show others that we are far too important to bother about finding a proper parking space?

Chris Shannon