Grantham Journal Letter: Dysart Park - always the bridesmaid, never the bride

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Can anyone tell me why Dysart Park is being overlooked when it comes to having money spent on its children’s facilities?

As a parent, I am saddened by the amount of money being spent on other parks in the town, particularly the proposed £80,000 redevelopment on Wyndham Park’s paddling pool.

In a day and age when we complain about keeping our children safe, I am upset at how badly the little amount of equipment in Dysart Park is maintained. Some of it is almost dangerous. Also some things that have been removed, like a toddle swing, have never been put back.

Children of all ages use that park and I’m sure visitors to the town don’t always have the opportunity to travel across town to use Wyndham Park’s much better pool and equipment. Redevelopment of the hedges etc is being carried out in Dysart Park, but children need a safe place to play and develop their imagination.

I am born and bred in Grantham and was lucky, as a child, to have used both parks as I grew up. I wish my little boy (aged 20 months) could use the park on his doorstep, instead of having to go across town to use a better choice of safe equipment.

Surely the £80,000 could be shared among the town’s parks, to provide safer, better and more varied equipment for our children?

Myra Dey

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